Deputy Director of Destination Marketing

This job has been expired
Explore Minnesota Tourism
Explore Minnesota Tourism

This position is responsible for designing and implementing strategic programs and policies for marketing, digital strategy, research, and communications. It creates and directs strategies to integrate consumer-facing campaign marketing with digital marketing, website technology, communications, media, public relations, research, and data acquisition. Along with the Executive Director and Deputy Director of Destination Development, the position will state office-wide integrated marketing strategy that is measurable, actionable, and relevant to support the vision and mission of Explore Minnesota.

The position leads the office’s creative direction and overall branding and messaging for events and sponsored marketing opportunities. It manages partnerships to respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities in tourism trends and consumer demand. This position also develops programs and provides policy analysis for the agency’s legislative relations efforts, serving as a liaison for partnerships with state and national organizations and departments.

The position oversees strategic oversight of and direction to the advertising, public/media relations website vendor contracts.

In collaboration with the leadership team, the position sets strategic priorities, develops annual initiatives, and budgets, and provides strategic insight for destination development as needed. It ensures full integration and cooperation across the agency, working closely with the Deputy Director of Destination Development and Executive Director.

Examples of responsibilities include:

  • Develop and guide integrated marketing, digital, communication and media relations strategies to increase visitor volume and sales tax revenue for Minnesota.
  • Set and refine strategy based on data, analytics, and feedback from staff and stakeholders. Direct execution of high-impact, creative campaigns across marketing channels.
  • Collaborate with the Deputy Director of Destination Development and Executive Director to implement the Explore Minnesota Strategic Plan.
  • Design a strategy to leverage public/private partnerships for seasonal/annual campaigns.
  • Strategize with team leads to ensure effective and efficient execution of marketing and communications goals.