Microaggressions Mini Film Festival Videos + Takeaways

On October 30, LOCUS hosted our Microaggressions Mini Film Festival at the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation. Chelles’ Kitchen provided delicious chili and cornbread for dinner and we made sure ample popcorn was available during the show!
We screened over a dozen short videos during the event, beginning with the following New York Times-produced piece that helps define and explain microaggressions.

After viewing a set of videos reflecting a wide array of diversities and related microaggressions, we facilitated a lively large group conversation discussing reactions to and questions arising from the pieces. Attendees expressed that the videos helped expand their conceptions of microaggressions, giving them additional clarifying language as well as shedding light on the multitude of possible “unintended discriminations.”

Reflecting on the question of key learnings and takeaways from the evening’s viewing and conversation, participants co-constructed this list of 6 important insights:

  1. Microaggressions matter because they’re the minor manifestations of systemic racism and policies that advantage the dominant culture.
  2. “I” statements are key to effective education.
  3. (Personal) safety first. Know the environment, and then choose your battle. 
  4. It’s your choice to speak up or not. The burden of your people is not on you. Do right by you.
  5. As people of color (POC), we should be aware of our own microaggressions against other POCs. Stand up for other POCs, in the community and with your own family and friends.
  6. Microaggressions are not only race-based, but are religious, gendered, ability-focused, etc.

Thanks again to those who came out to share in a tasty meal, clever videos, and meaningful dialogue!

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