Affirming Authenticity: Identity-Driven Leadership [at Home]

LOCUS presents the “Affirming Authenticity Series” and invites women of diversity for a three-part conversation on identity-driven leadership. Diverse women live and operate in multiple contexts and are challenged to bring all of who we are to each role we play. Identity-driven leadership involves contributing our valuable experience and unique perspectives to our workplaces, communities, and families. Join us for this series of engaging and uplifting conversations!

Affirming Authenticity: Identity-Driven Leadership at Home

Thursday, March 27, 2014
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Rondo Community Outreach Library


As women of diversity, many of us grew up in families and communities that exposed us to diverse outlooks and provided us with rich heritage and customs. Encouraged to prioritize family duties and traditional values, we can find it challenging to showcase our cultural identities in the outside world where we are not considered part of mainstream American culture.

We often face similar challenges explaining our professional and public endeavors to family members who aren’t always familiar with the career paths we choose to pursue. Do you ever find yourself feeling conflicted by your obligations to family and community and your personal aspirations for your career and life goals?


Join us for a stimulating conversation with Asma Lori Saroya, co-founder and president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Minnesota (CAIR-MN), and Minerva Munoz, Director of TRIO Upward Bound at the University of MinnesotaWe will discuss how our family values as well as public purpose can jointly inform our senses of identity and how we can bring our whole selves to our leadership styles and contributions.

Light refreshments will be provided.


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