Identity-Driven Leadership: Action Orientation

Committed to equity and community change and curious how you can best contribute? Feel like you know a million things you could be doing but not quite sure which key things you should be doing? Seeking a chance to reflect and refine your plan of action, grounded in self-knowledge and social needs?

Join Minnesota Rising and LOCUS for “Identity-Driven Leadership: Action Orientation” on Thursday, February 23 from 6pm – 8:30pm at In Progress. Gather with other emerging leaders, spending time together across cultures and within racial affinity groups, to break bread, build community, and outline personal plans of action for bringing about change you are uniquely equipped and personally driven to contribute.

Note: This event by and for self-identified leaders of color and Indigenous leaders as well as leaders who identify as white or of European descent will include intentional intersections to allow for shared experiences exploring race, identity and leadership. This event is organized as a supportive and courageous space, building on the Identity-Driven Leadership workshops hosted at bushCONNECT 2016 Day 2.

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