“Putting Into Words What I Live”

“Putting Into Words What I Live” Workshop

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Rondo Community Outreach Library

Microaggressions—”everyday slight, putdown, indignity, or invalidation unintentionally directed toward a marginalized group.” When does it exactly happen? How can we identify it? How can we deal with it?

Building on our Microaggressions Mini Film Festival, LOCUS invites you to participate in a discussion where we will explore the language, theories and implications of this phenomenon. Alicia Sojourner will present on fundamental concepts of microaggression to help us better understand this topic. Afterwards, Alicia will facilitate a personal reflection time and group discussion on how we can effectively put into words our lived experiences and deal with microaggressions in our everyday lives.


Alicia serves as the Racial Justice and Public Policy Program Coordinator at the YWCA of Minneapolis. She has many years in education and public policy. Alicia currently uses her background in grassroots community and political organizing for early childhood education, disability rights, and racial equality to inspire others to be change agents in the YWCA community, as well as their own.

Light refreshments will be provided. Register early as there are a limited number of seats!

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