Seeking nominations for Hmong Higher Education Scholar program!

The Hmong Higher Education Scholar program is seeking nominations for inspiring leaders who have been flying under the radar. If you have seen someone, regardless of age, gender, or professional title, who has opened doors for you, inspired you to think differently about what’s possible, or demonstrated leadership in any other form, submit their name today. Part of the work of a leader is to surface and recognize other leadership around them!

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    Nominate your inspiring leader today!

  • Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and young or old, nominate who you believe deserves to be recognized!

    We all have witnessed someone in our lives who have demonstrated many great leadership qualities in our community, home, work, or at school. At times, these leaders many not be recognized for their leadership. Well, it’s time! The Hmong Higher Education Scholar program is looking for nominations! These individuals will be recognized at the Hmong Minnesota New Year at the RiverCenter! Please email for questions or else contact Faith Xiong at or call Janelle Yang at 952-201-0383 for questions!

    New Updates:

    You can now get the application by clicking the link below.

    Nominate your inspiring leader today!

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